Bling Accessory Video/Box Reviews Below

Cierra M. – August 1, 2020

“I was very happy with everything in the Bling Accessory Box. First of all the box packaging was beautiful, just perfect. I love the little satin bags that everything was packaged in. The belt was my favorite item. I thought the wristlet rhinestone purse was really cute. It was really interesting. I've never seen a purse open like that. I thought it was really cool. I could probably use it when I go out and you have something fancier on. I really liked the tiara, but probably won't wear the tiara on my wedding. I'm looking for something smaller like a headband. I'm sure I would use it for my bachelorette party. I loved all the hair combs, especially the marquisite one which I will probably wear that one on my wedding day. I love the shoe clips. Actually, I'm wearing cowboy boots on my wedding day and, and it would be so easy to put these on it like with a ribbon or something around my ankle, because there are lot of accessories where they go around the ankle of the boot.”

Royale C. -April 20, 2020

“I like Bling. I'm a glitter girl. I had a hard time deciding between this accessory box and the other bling box. I chose this one because it had the tiara and the little purse. I'm always looking at tiaras and I want to incorporate a tiara into my wedding day. That's how I will be utilizing it. Actually everything in this box was so beautiful. I confess, I really don't know how to use some of them. I'm trying to figure out which pieces will work on my hair for me on my wedding day. In fact, there are a couple hair pieces that my hairdressers will have to figure out. I loved the shoe clips. Never had rhinestone shoe clips before. The little rhinestone studded handbag was super super cute. I love that. It's a little small , but I guess if you are using it on the day you really don't need a phone as a distraction. I loved everything about the accessory box starting with the way it was packaged. Really pretty, and the Bride greeting card was a nice personal touch. And, I also loved the gold artwork. The sentiment was beautiful. Already have a frame for it and a place for it on my wall.”

Dasia S. - December 11, 2019

“The Bling Accessory Box package was beautiful. It was perfect. I loved the box, it was really amazing. Every item was in a satin bag or pretty box. I knew that accessories were one of the more expensive things I have to go buy on my own and so I figured if I get even some pieces from this box, and there were 10 accessory items in the box, it would save me a bunch of money. Very cute. I loved the crown, the tiara, which was my favorite piece, super cute, and so was the belt. There were so many hair accessories that I'm not sure how I'm going to wear them yet, but when I go for my hair trial that I scheduled I'm going to take all the hair items to my hair dresser so we can see what works. I couldn't make up my mind originally between the bling jewelry box and the bling accessory box. I'm glad I got the accessory box, because either I'm going to wear it, or I could give it to one of my bridesmaids. It's going to get used either way. I really wasn't expecting such a beautiful purse in the box. Super cute. I will use it for sure. I'm thinking I might get the bling jewelry box too or maybe my mom will buy it for me.”