Big Day Essentials Video Box Reviews Below

Cierra M. - August 1, 2020

“ Honestly, the Big Day Essentials Box blew me away. I didn't expect the extreme amount of beautiful items. T really liked the Bride Card when I opened the box, because it felt like you guys put it together by hand and thought about me individually specifically, so I loved it. It was a nice personal touch. I thought the blue heart garter was awesome because my color is blue. I thought how did they know? I really liked the Wedding Guest Book. It was so neutral that it would go with any theme and my theme is really rustic. The Happily Ever After pillow was awesome with our names on it. My fiance really loved it too. I showed my mom, and my room mate who I think might be getting engaged soon, everything. I showed the box to everybody I could think of, mostly because I was really proud of the box. I even tried to put the box and the items back together and fold up the items like it was so they could see how pretty it was wrapped. They were really shocked at how amazing it was and how much customization and personalization there was. I couldn't be happier with the box.”

Pamora P. - November 8, 2019

“I was very impressed with the high quality of all the items in the Big Day Essentials box and just the number of items. I think I counted 10 or 11 items. There isn't anything in the box that I can't use. I can use everything. Everything was beautiful. It was awesome. I loved the Bride robe and lingerie with Bride on it. They were my favorite items in the box. I'm all about keepsakes. Like the gold foil artwork was really nice. I'm going to frame it. The garter with the blue heart was really cute. Definitely going to use it. I don't have a garter yet. I loved the personalized wedding guest book, but it was kind of a bummer because I already have a wedding guest frame thing that can be signed. But this guest book is so pretty, I'm still going to put it out and use it to record the names of people and the gifts they gave. Also, the box was exceptionally pretty, and it made me feel special. It arrived in perfect condition.”