Enjoy the Journey Video/Box Reviews Below

Desirae K. - October, 2020

“I got the Enjoy the Journey box because I thought that it had items that I could use throughout the whole wedding planning process and its things I could keep being excited about using at different times. Everything in the box was individually packaged perfectly. It was perfect. The bride to be robe was my favorite product. I loved the color. It fit and it's nice and soft. I plan to use it for my getting ready pictures. I'm going to get my girls robes also, so it's nice to have mine already. I loved the bride to be veil because it's long, and the sash, which I've been wearing around the house for the last couple of days. I really liked the gold artwork. We're actually talking about displaying it somewhere because my venue has fireplaces around so we're thinking about putting it in a picture frame and having it on a fireplace with all the candles. I loved the personalization. A lot of other boxes come with general things that everyone gets, so to have something that is actually personalized is really nice, like the hat with bride on it, and the tote with our last name. My fiance loved it.”

Viridiana V. - December 22, 2019

“I liked everything in the box. I was pretty sold on the Enjoy the Journey box when I first saw it. It just appealed to me and stood out from the others. And then when I received it I was impressed with the number of pretty items. I had several favorites including the tote bag because my married name was on there. I love personalization. My fiance loved that too. The bride to be satin robe was really pretty and soft. The leggings with the bride to be in black crystals and sport top that said off the market was very cute, and fit me perfect. There were several really fun items that I'm going to use at my upcoming shower and bachelorette party including the bride to be veil, and sash which are really pretty. The cap with Bride on it, loved the color, and the flask bracelet was really cute too.”