I Said YES Video/Box Reviews Below

Cierra M. - August 1, 2020

“My most favorite thing in the I Said YES Box was the It All Began pillow cover with the information about when and where my fiance and I met. I opened it with my fiance and he said oh my gosh they're stalking us. He didn't know that I gave Bridal Surprise the information so they could personalize the pillow cover. I love the one size fits most yoga wear. leggings and top. The Taken Hat was adorable. I'm wearing it tonight. The engagement journal is really pretty. It was really smart thinking about making memories during the engagement time or keeping memories from the engagement time. I love the color of the journal purple and gold. I really like the Future Mrs. tote and what a beautiful font. Of course my fiance really liked it because it was personalized with his last name. The Mrs. Purse was super cute. I will use it. The gold Taken necklace was really pretty, and I liked it because it was small. I don't like large jewelry. I have to say there really wasn't anything that I didn't like in the box.”