Honeymoon Video/Box Reviews Below

Sara D. - July 25, 2020

“I liked the Honeymoon Box and I really liked the yoga pants in there and I thought it was really cool that you could personalize it. I am going to St. Lucia for my honeymoon and I liked that the tote could be personalized as to where my honeymoon destination was. I was debating between the Honeymoon Box and the Future Mr. And Mrs. Box. Now I'm glad I decided on the Honeymoon Box because I liked literally everything in the box, including the Mrs. cuff bracelet, which I'm already wearing., that's how much I like it, and the Mrs. necklace which was really sweet. I loved the bikini with the Bride on the bottom. The bathing suit cover up with Bride on the back was great. And the white hat was definitely one of my favorite things, super cool.”

Jackie A. - May 30, 2020

“The reason I chose the Honeymoon Box was because of the hat. Oh my God, I loved the hat. I liked the cover-up that says Bride that 's really nice too. I liked everything. I liked the necklace that says MRS. I was debating between the Honeymoon and the one that had more workout stuff, Bride in Training The only thing that I couldn't wear was the Ms. bracelet. It's kind of like loose on me. I wish it would fit. I really liked it. Everything else was great. The bikini fit great. It was my favorite color. The capri pants fit perfect, and I loved the black top with Bride on it. The Honeymoon Journal with our name was great. My fiance really liked it. He said it was adorable. The wake me sleep mask was really cute, but I don't wear sleep masks because I sleep on my stomach. But for a plane ride it's going to be perfect. Overall, I was really impressed with the quality of items in my box. “