Bride In Training Video/Box Reviews Below

Jackie A.

“I had a lot of favorite items in the Bride in Training Box. That hoodie that said Bride on the back, that was really cute. The water bottle as well. The 2 tops that said Off the Market, and Sweating for the Wedding. It's funny because my fiance and I work out together and we are always saying we're sweating for the wedding, we're sweating for the wedding, and when I saw that shirt I said oh my God we say that all the time. He was like where's my sweating for the wedding shirt. I'm like I'm sorry honey, just for girls. The two Taken slide Bracelets were my very favorite part. I'm wearing the pink one right now, but the other one I gave it to my fiance and I'm like, your're wearing this since you don't have a ring. I loved the little pink Taken towel. I'm already using it. I'll definitely take the Bride in Training cinch back pack to the gym. It's really cute. When I was opening it with my fiance he was like excited with me all the way. It was a really fun box and it was beautifully wrapped too.”